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Affordable living ornaments. I hate not being able to afford pretty things (especially pretty plant arrangements) so that’s why I decided to begin FLEURIR. Similar plants can be sold for anywhere over $50, but where is the fun in that? With FLEURIR, I can guarantee you that no plant will EVER cost over $50, unless it is literally humongous and/or has several types of different species. Buy a cute plant that won’t kill your bank account and support an unemployed gal who likes plants.

SECOND AND THIRD AT THE TOP ARE SOLD. (but will possibly be making more/similar in the future). The remaining three plants available are all $15 each!

MY LIL PLANT STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PICK UP ONLY FROM VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA. If you live far away I can meet somewhere convenient for the both of us!

i don’t wanna use this tumblr anymore and sometimes i only use it to lurk lol but i just wanna say its really weird how much people i have followed have changed. many have turned into binge drinkers (and what seems to be bragging about it on tumblr but whatever) and gross cunts i don’t really wanna associate with anymore whilst others have finally gotten tattoo apprenticeships they deserved for years and some people have just basically stayed the same and that’s kewl too haha.

i have decided to become an amateur astronomer and take up a lot of my spare time creating more art and studying about things i love. i’ll also work more but who knows in what industry lol. at the moment i am more focused on building knowledge rather than a number in my bank account.

stay colddddddddddddddd-ah

tumblr still sux/it’s getting worse and worse

in process of making my zine, hopefully it’ll be out by 2013

it’s my first full srs one

tekken 6 is radical

dom is radical

pals r radical

catch y’all ‘round

not deleting my tumblr, but never using it again. in the time that i usually lurk it, i’m going to spend putting a zine together and working out awesome recipes and searching harder for a job, etc.

leaving it here so that i can look back at when i documented shit/photos/stupid reblogs/posts etc.

smell ya ladduhz.


p.s: as lame as it is, i’m going to still leave my other blog up as well, for old sci-fi images etc and sometimes ill post stuff on instagram but i know not everyone can access it and it kinda sucks but i am sailormoonpunx on it and yeah if you can use it follow me on it.

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So i promised all of my followers that i would run a huge organic and health food giveaway, to thank them for being so lovely and to give people the opportunity to experience the wonderful organic and other health foods i can buy in Australia :3 And here it is! These sixteen delicious and high-quality products together are valued at around $120 - so it’s an awesome prize to receive!


  • Organic desiccated coconut
  • Organic coconut flour
  • Granny Smiths’ organic royal white quinoa
  • Organic sweet potato chips
  • Organic beetroot chips
  • Australia’s Own organic almond milk
  • Bickford’s coconut juice
  • Nutrivital certified organic Barley Grass
  • Thisit Anti-oxidant, nut and seed mix
  • Royal Line coconut cream
  • Nui wild harvest virgin coconut oil
  • Organic sultanas
  • Dried goji berries
  • New Zealand manuka honey
  • Natural brazil, almond and cashew nut spread



       1. You must be following me, favorite-recipes, as i’ll be checking every reblog & I’m extremely thorough. 

       2. Reblogs only, likes will not count

       3. The more you reblog this post, the higher your chances are of winning!

       4. Must reach a minimum of 500 notes

       5. The winner will be picked through a random number generator

I am willing to ship anywhere worldwide, and you must be willing to give me your address if you are chosen as the winner - or the prize will be given to another entrant.


I wish you all the best of luck! (✿◠‿◠)

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